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Shamanic Healing

Gentle work with your energetic anatomy to remove blockages, restore flow and integrate experiences.  

Each session is individualized to your biology and your needs in that moment.

Particularly helpful for chronic illness, life changes (birth, new job, death in family), personal growth and healing trauma.

Can be done over the phone or in person; client remains clothed.

For more information about this work, click here.

Massage Therapy

Over 20 years of experience in a variety of medical conditions, including herniated discs, cancer, prosthetics, post traumatic stress, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  I have worked with professional athletes, health care professionals, military veterans,

cancer patients and survivors, and individuals doing self care.

Techniques range from light pressure Swedish massage to deep myofascial release of attachments, neuromuscular therapy or lymphatic work. Results are increased range of motion, decreased pain, increased circulation. 

Clients disrobe to the level of their comfort.

For more information on techniques, click here.



Trauma Healing & Mindful movement

Slow attentive work to your nervous system to retrain it from constant fight/flight response. Focus is on breathing, weight, temperature,

ease of range of motion with frequent pauses to recalibrate the brain.

Clients remain clothed; loose comfortable clothing requested.

For more information click here.

Land & Building Clearings

New office?  Home?  Apartment? Purchasing a piece of property that has a tumultuous history?

Energetic work clears the space of historical imprints, allowing you and those you live with to experience

safety, calm and restoration in your environment.

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